Professional, Knowledgable, Conscientious

I am male, was married for almost 10 years, and my ex and I have 2 children (both girls). I was the one who filed for divorce. I consulted with 4 different attorneys in the area. Mine was not an amicable divorce, and it did involve children, a house, personal property, etc. Ms. Pierce was a very strong advocate for myself, and my children. She worked swiftly, and was attentive, professional, and aggressive. There were many times when the anger and frustration of this process almost got the better of me, but thankfully, Ms. Pierce did a great job of keeping me calm and focused on what I ultimately came to do. Ms. Pierce was quick to set the tone for my divorce process. We had a hearing early on in the divorce process, and Ms. Pierce was VERY well prepared, and made sure I was prepared as well. The ruling/orders that came out of that hearing set a precedent that would help dictate how it all ultimately ended. In what could have been a very lengthy, messy, frustrating, and expensive divorce, Ms. Pierce’s experience, knowledge, conscientiousness, and professionalism came through. From the day I filed, until my divorce was over, done, and signed off, was 4 and a half months. I have been divorced for over a year now, and have had plenty of time to reflect upon the process. I would recommend Ms. Pierce without reservation or hesitation for anyone in need of an extremely skilled and capable divorce attorney.